Hospitality runs through the vanes of many Maastricht citizens. Somehow that must be related to the rich history this town went through. Find out yourself.

In a radius of some 500 meters around The Art Residence one can find dozens of historic buildings, the city theatre, basilicas, churches turned into an hotel or bookstore, several museums, a lot of other places of interest, the vast city centre shopping area, numerous cosy pubs (with or without sunny terraces) and various quality restaurants..

But, there is more !

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Bonnefanten Museum: museum of ancient and contemporary art, housed in a striking Aldo Rossi building;

Maastricht Natural History Museum: with various Mosasaurus fossils, giant tortoises and other Cretaceous fossils found in Sint-Pietersberg;

Treasury of St. Servatius Basilica: Museum of religious art and artefacts (including the Emergency chest, the bust, the cross and the key of Saint Servatius);

Treasury of the Basilica of Our Lady: museum of religious art and art objects (with precious reliquaries, liturgical crockery and parameters);

Centre Céramique: permanent exhibition and changing exhibitions of archaeological finds, model of Maastricht, Maastricht earthenware and glass;

Museum aan het Vrijthof: museum with a few 18th-century period rooms and changing art exhibitions, located in the Spanish Government;

Museum of Illusions Trick your eye and entertain your mind !

Stronghold museum Maastricht on the history of the fortress Maastricht.

Head guard: former military guard building on the Vrijthof, where temporary exhibitions take place;

Derlon museum cellar: freely accessible exhibition of Roman excavation remains in the basement Hotel Derlon (2nd-century shrine with Jupiter pillar by Derlon and 4th-century castellum wall remains);

Sint Pieters Museum: modest local history museum, part of the Lichtenberg castle ruins;

Drukkunstmuseum: museum of the history of printing technology and printmaking;

De Keyzer steam beer brewery: 19th-century artisanal beer brewery with tasting room;

Schuilen Museum in Maastricht: small-scale exhibition about the use of the casemates as an air-raid shelter;

Museum N More: exhibition of images of saints and devotionalia in neo-gothic Ursuline chapel;

Bureau Europa (formerly NAi Maastricht): platform for architecture and design with changing exhibitions, located in the former Timmerfabriek;

Marres Maastricht: house for contemporary culture with changing exhibitions.

For more information about activities and interesting sites to visit check the website of the local tourist information.


Maas, with Sint Servaasbrug (oldest bridge in the Netherlands), Maaspromenade and parks along the Maas (Stadspark, Charles Eyckpark and Griendpark);

Vrijthof, with Basilica of St. Servatius, St. John’s Church, Head Guard, General House, Spanish Government

Onze Lieve Vrouweplein, with Onze-Lieve-Vrouwebasiliek and, near, Wolwaag, Bonbonnière and Stokstraatkwartier

Market, with Pieter Post town hall, Mosae Forum and statue of Jan Pieter Minckelers

City Center, including Large and Small State, Dinghuis (with tourist office), Dominican Church and Old Government;

Jekerkwartier, including Helpoort, Jekertoren and parts of the first and second medieval city walls, Bisschopsmolen and Leeuwenmolen (watermills on the Jeker), Huis op de Jeker, Oude Minderbroederskerk, Walloon church, Lutheran church, Bonnefantenklooster, Grote Looiersstraat with grand mansions and Sint -Martinushofje, and various picturesque streets

Bassin, inner harbor from 1826 with bridges, locks, warehouses, wharf cellars and early industrial buildings (KNP, Timmerfabriek, Eiffel building)

Wyck, including Waterpoortje, Maaspunt tower

Rechtstraat, Sint-Martinus church and the new Céramique district (with Bonnefanten Museum, Wiebengahal, Center Céramique and various buildings by internationally renowned architects).

Activities in and near Maastricht

The caves, the citadel and the Kazematten tunnels


Biking in the South and middle of Limburg

Biking in the East of Belgium – create your own routes

Bike rentals

Guided biking

Boat trips

Swimming in the summer and a lot more of activities.





Room escape

We would like to wish you a pleasant and active stay in Maastricht !

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